General FAQ:
  • How do I sign up for a class?
    • You can sign up online or over the phone by calling (614) 370-5031. If you have any questions about a class you can also Email us at Info@Bettoh.com
  • What is included in the course fee?
    • Firearm Rental
    • Ear & Eye Protection
    • Target(s)
  • Can I use my own firearm?
    • Absolutely, feel free to use your own firearm. Please leave your firearm in your car during the classroom portion of the course. You can retrieve it for the range portion of the class.
  • What rental guns are available?
    • You may use any of the available rental guns AimHi offers, during your class. They have quite an assortment and typically stock the most popular handguns on the market. Also, there are a variety of calibers to choose from. If you have a specific firearm in mind that you’d like to use during the class, feel free to contact us.
  • Can I bring my own ammunition or do I have to buy it at the range?
    • You may use your own ammunition as long as it is not steel core or steel cased ammunition. If you’re able to run a magnet over it without it sticking, it is permitted.
  • I don’t have any ammunition, can I buy it during the class?
    • Absolutely, you may purchase ammunition from the range counter prior to the range portion of the class.
Private Training Questions:
  • Do you offer Private Instruction?
    • Yes, we are happy to schedule Private Instruction at a time convenient for you. Private Instruction is conducted by the hour and is $60/hour (1 Person) & $50/person/hour (2 or more People)
    • Firearm rental, targets and ear & eye protection are also included in your Private Instruction Fee
  • I have a group of friends who want to take a class together, do you offer Private Classes?
    • Yes, we are happy to schedule a Private Class for 6 or more people.
FAQ – Basic Classes:
  • I’ve never shot a gun before what class should I take?
    • We recommend starting with either our Introduction to Handguns Class or Gun Safety Course.
    • The main difference between Intro to Handguns and the Gun Safety Course is the level of depth of material. So the Introduction to Handguns Class is a beginner handgun class. But, the Gun Safety Course is a complete pistol orientation. Also, the Gun Safety Course provides additional insights into choosing a handgun, ammunition considerations, handgun operation and cleaning information.
  • Do you offer Self-Defense Classes?
    • Yes, we offer a Self-Defense, Mental Preparedness & Situational Awareness Class. This class doesn’t involve firearms but is a great way to learn how to pay attention to your surroundings, learn what to look out for, and learn how to react if found in a compromising situation. Basic strikes are taught in this class with an opportunity to practice with the instructor.
  • What are “Clinics”?
  • Are your CCW Classes conducted in 1 Day?
    • Yes, our Concealed Carry Classes are conducted in 1 day and incorporate a lunch break midway through the day.
  • Do you offer Rifle Classes?
    • Yes, we offer a Rifle/Carbine Orientation for a comprehensive rifle orientation and a series of Tactical Rifle Classes.
FAQ – Advanced Classes:
  • I have my CCW but would like training to feel more confident carrying my firearm. Do you offer any classes for Advanced Concealed Carry?
    • Yes, we offer a variety of classes designed specifically for the Concealed Carry Holder. Our Defensive Handgun Series starts with Defensive Handgun 1 and advances through Defensive Handgun 5. Each class builds on the prior course and targets specific tactics you’ll experience while carrying your firearm. This series is designed to integrate muscle memory training so that you can carry confidently, react and survive if ever found in a compromising situation.
  • Do I have to have a CCW to take Defensive Handgun 1?
    • You must either have your CCW License or have taken our Concealed Carry Class. Our Defensive Handgun Series is designed specifically for Concealed Carry Holder’s so that is why we have a CCW requirement.
  • Do you offer Tactical Classes?
FAQ – Emergency Preparedness & Survival Training:
  • What is the Emergency Preparedness Class?
    • Our Emergency Preparedness & Natural Disaster Training is designed to equip you with the knowledge of how to prepare if  you’re caught in an unforeseen situation. With Terrorist Attacks, Shootings & Natural Disasters increasing you can never be too prepared. The class is designed to teach you things you can have on hand and prepare for to keep your family and loved ones safe.
  • How is the Survival Training different than the Emergency Preparedness Class?
    • The Survival Training Class is geared towards teaching you how to survive if disaster strikes and you’re stranded away from home.  It teaches you how to prepare and stay safe even in wilderness surroundings.
  • So the Wilderness Survival Experience sounds fun, can I sign up?
    • The Field Training-Wilderness Survival Experience requires that you’ve taken our Emergency Preparedness & Survival Training Classes as prerequisites so that you have the knowledge to complete the Wilderness Survival Experience. This Field Training is conducted in the “wilderness” and lets you test your skills with instructors present to answer questions and guide you along the way. We offer this training in all 4 seasons, so some even like to come back during different times of the year as each season presents its own challenges.
FAQ – Home Safety Evaluation:
  • What is a Home Safety Evaluation?
    • Our Home Safety Evaluations are conducted at your home and are designed to point out security vulnerabilities and specific “what if” scenarios. We encourage your entire family to be a part of the Home Safety Evaluation so that everyone can be on the same page and receive the same training on how to react to different threats or emergencies.
Payment Questions:
  • Do I have to pay in advance to take a class?
    • Yes, all our courses require prepayment so that we can reserve your spot in the class. We keep our class sizes small with a low instructor:student ratio. So, we need to plan in advance to regulate the class sizes.
  • What if I have to reschedule?
    • PLEASE NOTE: Registrations for training classes are non-refundable and can only be rescheduled if notice is given at least 48 hours in advance of scheduled training.
  • Can I cancel a class I’ve signed up for and get a refund?
    • PLEASE NOTE: Registrations for training classes are non-refundable.
Please Feel Free To Contact Us With Any Additional Questions You May Have!
  • Phone: (614) 370-5031
  • Email: Info@Bettoh.com