Training Reviews

We loved the CCW course and instructors and felt so fortunate that we came to your place of business. We have taken courses elsewhere, but you have our business from here on out. We’ve also recommended you to several people already. I appreciated the wisdom your instructors shared. Our sons were also in the class and I feel so much better about them owning guns with the common sense examples provided. I sat in class and just kept saying “Thank you Lord for sending us here.”

– T.Z.

We had a wonderful experience with Private Instruction!! Truly outstanding. The instructor did a thorough job explaining the mechanics of a gun, defining terminology, and showing my daughter how to load a magazine and hold the pistol. She made the comment to me on the way home that when he asked if she had any questions he actually meant it.  She felt comfortable enough to ask him questions too. I understand a one on one instruction can naturally be tailored easier to her level but more than that the content that was covered was superior to our other experience. My daughter wants to go back for more training and that makes me a very happy mama.

– Jessica L.

I truly enjoyed your basic Gun Safety Class and especially the instructors who made it so much more enjoyable and “real life.” I very much liked the “women only” class concept because a lot of us (women – especially older women) feel intimidated when the classes are coed. We tend not to ask the questions we need answers to because we don’t want to look like idiots in front of the men. Also, the class size was great as we could get the individual attention we needed. I fully intend to take more classes in the future. Again, yours was a truly enjoyable experience with truly great instructors. I felt like they really knew what they were talking about and teaching. Thank you so much.

– Gail H.

I attended the CCW class and was very satisfied with the training that I received. I consider myself fairly experienced in firearms for my age but still managed to walk away with a new wealth of knowledge and now know that if I ever need to use my training that I will be in full compliance with the law. The CCW training was outstanding. I’ve promoted it to everyone I know that is a gun owners in the state of Ohio. It went far beyond the CCW education and I appreciated the small class size that allowed for 2 way interaction.

– Scott P.

Defensive Handgun 1 introduced me to a few things that I hadn’t done with a handgun in almost 40 years of shooting.  Until this class,  I hadn’t shot while moving, shot a handgun in such proximity to my body or seen a semi auto handgun fired while holding the slide. This was quite a new experience and I feel that with continued practice, it will give me confidence when carrying concealed.

– Tom T.

I attended the CCW class and I loved it. The staff was professional, kept the class flowing and made sure it wasn’t boring. With the staff being formal law enforcement officers instead of someone who took a weekend course and got certified, I benefited and learned a great deal. I will definitely be signing up for more classes!

– Completed Be Elite Tactical’s CCW Course

My son and I really enjoyed the gun safety course and we both learned a lot. I really appreciated the small class size and also the individual attention on the range. You guys truly have what it takes to teach and relay all the necessary information so we can learn it right the first time.

– David P.

Absolutely loved defensive handgun level one! The instructor was awesome, took each one of us where we individually were and methodically moved us forward as we were comfortable.

– J.S.

My wife and I had a great time at the CCW Class.  The best part was the instructors.  Having front line people teaching the class made all the difference.  And,  we enjoyed the real world comments and suggestions.    I have already recommended your class to others.

– John A.

The Gun Safety program was terrific. My husband and I learned a lot about the fundamentals of gun safety, parts of the gun and how guns have evolved through the years.  We both enjoyed the session … a lot. The details shared were very helpful as well: how to hold a gun safely; how to pull your finger back on the trigger, issues with ammunition on the marketplace, etc. The information about how to load a firearm, misfire, hang fire, squib loads were also good topics to address as well as the range rules/regs. Very nice job!

– Veronica P.


I attended the conceal and carry class and the class was excellent.  All instructors were engaging and informative.  I was impressed with the amount of information we learned in one day.  I felt prepared to get my Conceal & Carry license.

– Mark E.


I was very fond of the CCW course. I am very interested in taking some of your other courses as well and will be contacting you about a possible clinic membership soon.

– Justin Z.

I am in the middle of the Defensive Handgun series. I like the way it evolves, and always leaves me with something I can use right a way. The team relies on actual experience, so if you are looking for information rooted in first hand application and not just recycled from whatever is popular in the training industry, or what some outdated/ warmed-over article might say is best, then you’ll be satisfied with their approach. Great price, great location, solid information. Well worth it.

– Completed Defensive Handgun 2

The Gun Safety course was excellent. Mark and Kris did a wonderful job of providing thorough information and making us comfortable using our various handguns. Brooke provided just the right examples and encouragement. I look forward to using the range and taking further classes.

– Joyce L.




My instructor for Private Instruction  took me from being so nervous that I would flinch any time a gun would go off to where I could confidently fire my gun with good groupings and good fundamentals.  Not only was that nothing short of miraculous to me but it also has encouraged me in other areas of my life to expand and not be afraid. He provided encouragement and security in my skills without being flowery in comments. His skills in observation are immensely helpful for me in that he can make corrections with my breathing,  my grip, and especially my frustration. Without wanting to say anything negative about anyone else I would like to at least say that this was not something I found with trainers elsewhere.

– A.F.

My husband and I enjoyed the self defense class very much. The lecture portion was very informative and we learned a lot. We were given ample opportunity for questions and individual attention during the practice portions. I plan to attend the clinics you offer to improve my self defense skills!

– Marilyn R.

Thanks for a good CCW class.  The instructors were very good, with lots of real-life practical examples from law enforcement backgrounds.

– Greg N.

The Defensive Handgun 1 class was awesome.  Enjoyed the instructors, and I plan to sign up for many more.

– Scott M.

I really enjoyed my private lesson. He did an excellent job teaching me the basics. I really liked his demeanor. He was very calm and reassuring.

– Henry J.

I took the Advanced Shooting Clinic, the instructor was great. I so appreciated his one-on-one attention to me and his expertise.

– C.T.

I enjoyed your CCW course and plan to attend some other training classes you offer, you did a great job.

– Evan M.

This was my third Basic Shooting Clinic, the instructor is great. Very informative. I’m new to shooting , but feeling more confident after having classes with him. Thanks so much for having these available!

– Liz Y.

The training for the CCW class was great! I learned a lot during the class. I’ve had and handled all types of guns for over 45 years and thought I knew a lot about them. But they showed me I didn’t know enough.

– Rick R.

The Basic Clinic was great. I like the instructor as a teacher very much.

– Barbara B.

I really enjoyed the CCW class and the depth of information provided. Rather than learning just what is required, I feel I left not only with the required information but real-life information. Very knowledgeable instructors with real life experience I believe make a difference from being able to pass the course to knowing why the information is presented. I would recommend this course to all.

– Brian M.

The private instruction was excellent. Got exactly what I wanted and needed from it.

– Kenton K.

We both enjoyed the Gun Safety class and found it both informational and entertaining. We both plan to come back for additional training and are interested in trying different models of handguns to find the right one for each.

– Jacquie S.

Enjoyed the CCW class . Time passed much more quickly than I though as I was sort of dreading an all day affair. But it was fine as I say and enjoyable.

– Jim H.

We thought the Gun Safety Course was great!! Mark was wonderful!! We want to attend the Emergency Class/disaster training.

– Jamie C.

I had a good time during my Private Instruction. Changed my stance a little, tightened up my grouping. A great experience. Your staff went above and beyond to help me.

– Jeff S.

I had an excellent private instructor. He answered all of my questions and I am more confident now!

-Theresa A

The Instructor was great. He fixed 30 years of bad habits in less than an hour. The Private Instruction was Outstanding. My Son enjoyed his birthday present. We will be back.

– Scott F.

It was good training – the instructors were very helpful and the information was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for all your work and having these classes.

– Paul S.

We really enjoyed the Gun Safety Course with Range Time, the instructor was excellent. He made the class very interesting. We will definitely schedule additional classes with Be Elite Tactical Training.

– Linda K.

The private instruction went very well. I’m at beginner level with pistols. We worked on fundamentals and my shots were accurate but it takes me quite a while to shoot them off. We worked on increasing my speed and then advanced to moving targets. I had a lot of fun and feel much more confident in my skill after the session.

-Michelle C.

The Gun Safety Course was very helpful for me as I have struggled to find confidence in using firearms. The instructor was knowledgeable, engaging and a very good instructor. I appreciate a good teacher! I do intend to continue courses with Be Elite. I’ll be referring you guys like crazy!

– Sonia G.

My son absolutely loved the Youth-Introduction To Handguns Course. The instructor was great! Thank you again.

– Chris K.

My instructor for Private Instruction was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, providing me exactly what I needed in order to improve technique and accuracy and troubleshooting some problems with one of my weapons. The more I followed his advice, the more accurate my shots were. A+

– Mitchell I.

Just wanted to thank Be Elite and their instructors for the Women’s-Only Self Defense classes. The class was so awesome – super informative and the instructor was a fantastic teacher. He does an amazing job of explaining each move and providing individualized instruction to each person. It was phenomenal! I mean, I can barely walk today, but I really can’t say thank you enough. All the clinics and classes at Be Elite that my husband and I have attended thus far have been outstanding. You really have a great team of instructors. You have made repeat customers out of us!

– Rachel M.

It was a good introductory class which was good for the folks in our class who were first timers. The instructor did a good job of explaining the fundamentals and assisting in the range. Everyone from our group was happy with the group event and experience.

– S.S.

Thank you for the CCW course.   The material was well presented with real life applications and examples.   I found it very informative and enjoyed it.

– David W.

The Advanced Shooting Clinic was literally a blast! The instructor is full of knowledge and transfers it to us in the clinic in a patient, non-threatening way. His calm approach goes a long way in allowing me to pick what he’s conveying. He doesn’t talk down to those of us who are definitely of lesser skill, which enhances the learning experience and wants me to come back for more.

– Rob W.

The Gun Safety Class was great, instructor was great as he adjusted the flow based upon the class.

– Kevin H.

I really enjoyed the CCW class. It was very informative and well worth the day spent learning.

– Bo G.

I did enjoy the Defensive Handgun 1 Course! Very informative and challenging. Going from shooting targets behind the line to physical movement and moving targets was a great experience! I felt the adrenaline rush into the afternoon!

– Rob W.

My family and I attended the Gun Safety Course with Range Time & Gun Cleaning and we would like to thank Mark and Brooke for the excellent and very informative class. The class went way beyond our expectations. Your knowledge and real world experience really helped us understand the material. We definitely plan to attend future sessions and spreading the word will be easy… I’ll just be honest and tell them how good the class is!

– Matthew H.

The CCW was an excellent class, very helpful, informative, & educational. Thanks again!

– Louis D.

I really enjoyed the Introduction To Handguns Class, the instructor was knowledgeable and fun at the same time.

– Lisa A.

I definitely enjoyed my time both in the classroom and on the range. I learned a lot and plan to take some of the shooting clinics and defensive classes next. Thanks again!

– Stephanie J.

I really enjoyed the Defensive Handgun 1 Class and I appreciate what you guys are doing.

– Christopher S.

It was nice seeing Brooke and Mark, and meeting Kris. I really enjoy Be Elite’s approach to training. It’s very effective for me, which is why I keep coming back!

– Rob W.

You guys are amazing and I’ve been impressed with the amount and variety of classes offered.

– Christina T.

I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I enjoyed taking your handgun class today – this one being DH2. My body’s a bit sore from crouching, kneeling, etc., but that’s my fault for being a computer nerd without enough regular exercise :-). Really fun exercises and very educational. I’m learning so much in these series and am becoming more and more confident with exercising my CHL nearly every day. Mark and Brooke have a talent for explaining things with a perfect balance of clarity and adaptation to what the student is ready to accept. It’s great that you both work together so well, and have a strong network of been-there-done-that follow to keep each other sharp. It certainly comes out in the quality of your instruction.

– Scott M.

Brooke and Mark, Thank you again for teaching the CCW class on Saturday. You two held our interest the entire time. You are a wonderful teaching team.

– Karen A.

I have taken two courses from Mark & Brooke – the Gun Safety Course & the CCW class. The instructors are very knowledgeable and great at tailoring advice to each individual. They helped me find a stance and grip that worked for me, and my shooting has improved dramatically. I highly recommend them!

– Rachel H.

Mark and Brooke covered a lot of material well in a short period of time. Your emphasis on the legal aspects of both concealed carry, and your advice if involved in an incident is the most important thing you conveyed all day. Your own experience makes the course credible.

– Tom A.

I really enjoyed defensive 1 and I am definitely interested in taking more classes and going to some of the clinic times. I don’t think there is anything I would change about the course. It was fun, informative, and engaging. Can’t wait for the next one!

– Dan M.

The defensive handgun class was a great help. Good information, great drills in the range that I can practice for muscle memory, and great applicable tips for the CHL user.

– Josh

Thanks for all of your help! All involved really enjoyed the private class and Anthony was super AWESOME! A few of us are even considering coming back for a clinic ?

– Anica

Completed my CCW Class with Mark and Brooke and was very impressed with the class. Mark and Brooke were very informative and professional. Will be recommending to friends and family. Thank you Mark and Brooke!

– Cameron T.

I like how you have the classes and clinics structured. It is like you really do want us to learn this stuff and are not just interested in getting us in and out of a program. Out of the three or four gun classes I have taken before, your classes are a comfortable and refreshing change. I have found the clinics quite helpful and intend on coming as often as I can.

– LaRue

I just completed my 1st Basic Clinic with Brooke and Mark. I learned a great deal from Brooke that improved my shooting. I felt so much more confident by the time the clinic was over. I was a bit nervous to do this by myself because I’m new to shooting, but Brooke and Mark put me at ease right away. I am looking forward to my next clinic. Thank you so much to both of you! ?

– Wendy

I completed Defensive Handgun 3. Mark and Brooke are very knowledgeable and are very good at imparting that knowledge on others. I learned a lot and will be coming back for an Advanced Shooting Clinic soon.

– Matt

I have just completed the CCW course. Mark and Brooke were awesome instructors. Mark was very informative and gave me some great tips to improve my skills. I will be returning for more courses.

– Greg S.

Just completed the Defensive Handgun 1 course. Very positive experience. This, in my opinion, is an essential course for anyone who has completed the CCW course. 6 students, 3 instructors, almost a private lesson.

– Doug S.

Had a private shooting lesson. It went very well; learned a lot; recommend this highly!

– D

Both instructors helped me feel extremely comfortable in my CCW class. Their knowledge was self evident. The presentation of materials was superior. I was in education for 32 years; these two instructors are at the top of any and all teachers I have observed.

– Doug S.

You both did a great job at the most recent CCW course. I also learned something. Ever since I bought my Sig 40, I’ve been shooting low and left. I blamed it on the sight until I realized that it was me — pulling rather than squeezing. I practiced and am now dead on. Thanks.

– Dan V.

I am impressed with your professionalism and would certainly recommend you to anybody.

– Gary S.

Mark and Brooke did a great job with the introductory gun safety and range time class!

– Chuck C.

Brooke and Mark you guys are a great team with great knowledge. Thank you for a wonderful experience, we enjoyed the class and will be back for more.

– Stephanie S.

Want to thank you both for a great class. I wanted to get to know the laws and scenarios that might be out there. I am disappointed that Ohio has their prejudice attitude toward gun control. I hope to follow up with your other courses – would like to better my marksmanship. Thanks Mark for your service to our country – sounds like you’ve been through it all. Your course was very thorough and informative. This does a lot for my confidence and self-esteem.

– Rick S.

Mark and Brooke, Thank you for all the help at the clinic this week. I am very pleased with how much better I shot after you worked with me to diagnose my trigger/flinch problem.

– Joe B.

I took the CCW class. Mark and Brooke do an excellent job combining state requirements with real-life experience. I was surprised how much I learned. Beyond firearm safety, Mark did a great job teaching us the responsibilities of carrying a concealed hand gun in Ohio. Highly recommend!

– Scott S.

My Private Instruction was awesome!

– Jan W.

Thanks to Brooke n Mark for a great class yesterday. Brooke’s n Mark’s knowledge n presentation style really kept my attention. Great information.

– Matt N.

Thank you for a great program.

– Lou

Mark has worked and overseen our security needs for two very important events. He exemplifies the above characteristics as well as providing many levels above and beyond what other security firms can offer. He and his team are the top of the top and we would not hesitate to call him for all our security needs!

– Jan L. from True The Vote

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