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Gift Certificates may be used towards any training Be Elite Tactical offers (Private Instruction, Classes, Clinics, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Training, etc.). Because Gift Certificates are personalized before being sent, please allow up to 24 hours from the time of purchase for the Gift Certificate to be emailed. In addition, our administrative offices are closed over the weekend, so if Gift Certificates are purchased over the weekend, please allow till Monday for the Gift Certificates to be sent.  Also, you will receive an emailed receipt immediately, verifying the purchase of your Gift Certificates.  

Be Elite Tactical Conducts Our Training at AimHi Family Firearms Center in New Albany, OH.

Please Call 614-370-5031  or Email, With Any Questions!


All of our firearms training is centered around real-world experience that has been tried and proven. Therefore, all our instructors have backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Military (Special Operations) and Security Contractors. Another aspect of our training that is unique, is our male and female instructors.  They are friendly, encourage questions, and clearly explain the course material.

At Be Elite Tactical, we specialize in firearms training. We don’t own a range or gun store. We know we can’t excel at doing it all, no one can. So we chose to focus on training others from the knowledge we’ve gained throughout our careers. The taxpayers spent thousands of dollars training us to operate at a very high level. So, we’ve decided to give back by offering the same type of realistic training so that you can carry confidently, react, and survive.

Because of our practical experience, we are able to incorporate relevant information and examples into our classes.  Also, we have decades of experience instructing men, women, and children to confidently handle a firearm. We equip each person with individualized training and the knowledge that establishes safety, confidence, and accuracy.

Certified Tactical Weapons and Firearms Instructors teach or oversee all firearms training at Be Elite Tactical. We have taught countless members of Law Enforcement, NATO, National – International Security Forces, Dignitary Security Forces along with thousands of Civilian shooters. Some classes provide NRA Certificates of Completion, NRA CCW/CHL Certificates of Competency,  or State Certifications.

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