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Beginner Handgun Class

Class Overview

Introduction To Handguns – Class Description: Our Introduction To Handguns Class is designed for brand new shooters to learn safe gun handling, basic pistol operation, and shooting fundamentals. In addition, there will be approximately an hour and a half in the classroom and a half hour on the indoor range. Most of all, an instructor(s) is present during the entire beginner handgun class to answer questions and provide a safe, comfortable environment. In addition, firearm rental is included in the course fee or feel free to bring your own firearm. Also, you will need 50 rounds of target ammunition, which you can purchase before the shooting portion of the course. In conclusion, take this course to learn how to safely operate a handgun and utilize the range for practice purposes. Difference Between The Introduction To Handguns Class & Gun Safety Course: The main difference between Intro to Handguns and the Gun Safety Course is the level of depth of material. So the Introduction to Handguns Class is a beginner handgun class. But, the Gun Safety Course is a complete pistol orientation. Also, the Gun Safety Course provides additional insights into choosing a handgun, ammunition considerations, handgun operation and cleaning information. Therefore, if you intend to shoot on the range from time to time, the Introduction To Handguns Class is the course for you to understand and implement the importance of Gun Safety! However, if you’re looking to advance to the Concealed Carry Course or Tactical Defensive Courses, we recommend starting with the Gun Safety Course. Course Fee: $50/person (Adult ) $45/person (Youth*) *Youth can attend any available course!

Class Details

June 4, 2018
7:00-9:00 P.M.
10299 Johnstown Road, New Albany, OH 43054

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