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Gun Safety

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To Sign Up: Course Options: Gun Safety Course (Classroom Only) 2.5 hours – $65 Gun Safety Course with Range Time (Classroom and Range Time) 3.5 hours – $85 Gun Safety Course with Range Time and Gun Cleaning (Classroom, Range Time, and Gun Cleaning) 4.0 hours – $100 Each course starts at the same time, the only variation is the end time. Be Elite Tactical’s Gun Safety Course focuses on essential knowledge for proficient shooting. We believe, it is always best to learn it right the first time and then build muscle memory. Whether you are a brand new shooter or have just gotten out of the shooting routine, this course will build confidence and pistol proficiency. Because developing muscle memory and proper shooting fundamentals is so important, it is highly recommend that new firearm owners take this course before moving to the CCW course or other training. Course Options & Descriptions: Classroom: The classroom portion is the first part of the class and focuses on gun safety, differences between handguns, ammunition options, shooting fundamentals, and gun handling. Also, we incorporate practical training by demonstrating multiple effective stances and grips to fit each body type to make shooting comfortable and enjoyable. Contrary to many introductory classes, we never force anyone into one stance or one grip. We encourage what is most comfortable for you. Comprehensive shooting fundamentals, if implemented, enables you to hit the bulls-eye your first time at the range! In addition, we cover techniques that are vital to accurate target practice but widely unknown and untaught. Range Time: Then, range time incorporates shooting fundamentals, gun handling and muscle memory during live fire training. Instructors are present to offer advice and provide a safe, comfortable environment. In addition, the course fee includes firearm rental. However, if you own a firearm, feel free to bring it to the class. Make sure your ammunition is separate from the handgun during transport (if you don’t have a CCW License). Ammunition: 50-100 rounds of target ammunition Bring your own or purchase ammunition at the range No ammunition in the classroom, if you bring ammunition, leave it in your car till the range portion on the class. Gun Cleaning: Learn how to clean your specific firearm. Because this is an introductory class, firearm ownership is not a requirement to take part in Gun Cleaning. Hands-on learning, cleaning your firearm in the classroom under the guidance of an instructor. Also, upon registering for gun cleaning, you’ll receive our supplies recommendation list Even if you don’t have all the necessary cleaning supplies at the class, observing the cleaning demonstrations is beneficial to learning the steps and cleaning procedures. Contact Us: (614) 370-5031 or

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1:30 P.M.
10299 Johnstown Road, New Albany, OH 43054

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