• Testimonials
    Training Reviews - Most Advanced Training In Central Ohio - Please Feel Free To Contact Us With Any Questions!
  • Defensive Handgun 1 – $65
    Advanced CCW Training - Drawing From Your Holster, Close Quarter Draw, Introductory Movement, Real-World Scenario Training, Situational Awareness, Mental Preparedness, Conditioning & Mindset
  • Rifle Training
    Basic Rifle Classes & Tactical Rifle Series - Tactical Rifle 1 In September, reserve your spot today!
  • Introducing: Active Shooter Response Training
    Classes For Individuals, Church Security Teams, School Districts, Organizations & Corporations - Our Active Shooter Instructor is one of five Law Enforcement Officers selected nationally to walk the Columbine Campus and interview students to create a plan of how to respond and mitigate active shooter scenarios.
  • Concealed Carry Training – $99 Special – 1 Day Classes
    Be Elite Tactical offers a more comprehensive CCW Class than strictly covering the basic state mandated licencing requirements. Since we maintain small class sizes, you receive an in-depth course with enhanced practical training. Also, we incorporate practical examples during the class from Police Officer’s who have experience investigating CCW crimes.
  • Advanced Concealed Carry Training
    Defensive Handgun Series - Carry Confidently, React & Survive - Designed Specifically For CCW Holder's

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