• Testimonials
    Training Reviews - Most Advanced Training In Central Ohio - Please Feel Free To Contact Us With Any Questions!
  • Defensive Handgun 1 – $65
    Real-World CCW Scenario Training - Drawing From Your Holster, Close Quarter Draw, Introductory Movement, Situational Awareness, Mental Preparedness, Conditioning & Mindset - Weekend, Weekday & Women's Classes!
  • Rifle Training
    Basic Rifle Classes & Tactical Rifle Series - Tactical Rifle 1 In November, reserve your spot today!
  • Emergency Preparedness & Natural Disaster Training
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the hurricanes, wildfires and earthquake in Mexico. As these disasters intensify, get the training and prepare to protect your loved ones in times of crisis!
  • Introducing: Active Shooter Response Training
    Classes For Individuals, Church Security Teams, School Districts, Organizations & Corporations - Our Active Shooter Instructor is one of five Law Enforcement Officers selected nationally to walk the Columbine Campus and interview students to create a plan of how to respond and mitigate active shooter scenarios.
  • Concealed Carry Training – $99 Special – 1 Day Classes
    Be Elite Tactical offers a more comprehensive CCW Class than strictly covering the basic state mandated licencing requirements. Since we maintain small class sizes, you receive an in-depth course with enhanced practical training. Also, we incorporate practical examples during the class from Police Officer’s who have experience investigating CCW crimes.
  • Advanced Concealed Carry Training
    Defensive Handgun Series - Carry Confidently, React & Survive - Designed Specifically For CCW Holder's

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