Be Elite Tactical Training is conducted at AimHi Family Firearms Center in New Albany, OH. Please Call 614-370-5031 With Any Questions!

Training/Class – Special Offers

At Be Elite Tactical we assure small class sizes so you can feel confident you will receive superior firearms and defensive tactics training at an exceptional value. We offer unprecedented firearms training and course offerings from Beginner, to Concealed Carry (CCW/CHL) to Advanced Tactical. We provide real life practical training by instructors who have applied their training rather than just receiving a certificate from a certification course. Unlike many training companies who focus solely on making a profit; our sole focus is on you. At Be Elite Tactical, we make sure everyone feels comfortable and questions are encouraged throughout the training process. We know a one-size fits all approach never works, so we teach multiple effective shooting styles so that you can feel comfortable and enjoy shooting.

We strive to provide the best possible training specifically by providing tactical training by instructors who have lived their training everyday.

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Recommended Sequence of Training 

Basic Handgun Training

No Required Prerequisites

Gun Safety Course* Or Introduction To Handguns

(Basic Shooting Clinic)

CCW/CHL – NRA Course – Ohio Concealed Carry Class

(Basic Shooting Clinic)

Defensive Handgun Series

CCW License/Our CCW Course Must Be Completed Prior To Defensive Handgun 1

Defensive Handgun 1 – Mindset-The Mental Edge – Drawing From Your Holster – Introductory Tactical Reloads
(Advanced Handgun Clinic)
Defensive Handgun 2 – Flashlight Selection (Pros & Cons) – Introductory Tactical Movement – Low Light & No Light Shooting
(Advanced Handgun Clinic)
Defensive Handgun 3 – Tactical Reloads With Gun Malfunctions – Intermediate Tactical Movement
(Advanced Handgun Clinic)
Defensive Handgun 4 – Utilizing Cover, Concealment & Barricades To Your Advantage – Advanced Tactical Movement
(Advanced Handgun Clinic)
Defensive Handgun 5 – Non-Dominant & Dominant – One Handed Shooting
(Advanced Handgun Clinic)

Tactical Handgun Series

Defensive Handguns Series Must Be Completed Prior To Tactical Handgun 1
Tactical Handgun 1 – Putting It All Together Under Stress
(Tactical Handgun Clinic)
Tactical Handgun 2 – Close Quarter Battle I – Defensive Strikes & Tactics – Tactical Movement – Increased Stress
(Tactical Handgun Clinic)
Tactical Handgun 3 – Close Quarter Battle II – Gun Retention & Gun Retrieval – Scenario Shooting Drills Under Stress
(Tactical Handgun Clinic)
Tactical Handgun 4 – Close Quarter Battle III – Outdoor Tactical Course – Combating Uneven Terrain & Surroundings
(Tactical Handgun Clinic)
Tactical Handgun 5 – Close Quarter Battle IV – Outdoor Course – Transitioning Between Handgun & Rifle
(Tactical Handgun Clinic)

 * No Prerequisites

Outdoor Tactical Courses! 

Email Us For More Information Info@Bettoh.com

Rifle Training

Rifle/Carbine Orientation

(Basic Rifle Clinic)

Tactical Rifle I

(Tactical Rifle Clinic)

Supplemental Training*

Self-Defense Course*

(Self-Defense Clinic*)

Emergency Preparedness & Natural Disaster Training*

Survival Training

Field Training – 2 Days In The Wilderness

Home Safety Evaluations



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